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The most frequent question we are asked is 'Can you do this?' The answer is always a resounding 'YES!'. We love challenges big and small. From simple conveyor belts to integrated robotic assembly cells no project is out of reach. We will handle everything for your project from mechanical design, installation, and training. When we are done you can start implementing your new machine.


At Tech Craft we believe technology should simplify your day and ensure your success. A well-crafted solution is one you can forget about because it is reliable, efficient and blends seamlessly into your procedures. Our skilled engineers have the knowledge and experience to take you to the next level. If you are still fighting with your technology or working around it then let us help you get it back into line! We will thoroughly vet, test and monitor your system prior to installation and continue to stand behind our work long after our project is complete. If you are tired of dealing with work-arounds in your plant then you are ready to give us a call now: 423.894.4117.


 Previous projects include:

Panel fabrication

Robotic Applications

In shop lifts

Arc Flash studies

Meter and Valve Cabinets

Reducing change-over times

Energy Management

Electrical Retrofits


Power distribution

And so much more! Bring us a new challenge today!







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